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Developers have caught onto the fact that renters are demanding well-designed outdoor living spaces. The latest trend to hit multifamily projects is the desire for luxury finishes and bringing the outdoors, in. Discriminating Renters Want Lasting Finishes Faux stone veneers have taken over new builds. The rugged...

Spring is upon us, and with the change in season comes general upkeep for your rental properties that just won’t wait another season. Safeguard your investment against damage from spring rains and snow melts, and boost your property’s eye appeal with seasonal landscaping that’s sure...

Less regulation and lower taxes: that’s what investors expect out of 2017, and it’s driving demand in several niche investment markets. While values are closing in on 2008 values once again, this time, there’s no bubble to burst, and investors are poised to earn big. Millennials...

Developers in Houston and San Antonio are thinking outside the traditional apartment box when it comes to affordable housing options. With home ownership and multi-use options, these developers are making the rest of the country stand up and take another look at Texas. Midtown Condos Offer...

Market predictions in the multifamily industry are usually pretty accurate. The same economy of scale that makes this type of investing so lucrative also makes it pretty predictable, based on demographic shifts and economic cycles. The way things look right now, this year promises to...