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When it comes to attracting potential renters the main goal is to provide an “experience” for the buyer. The renter market will look primarily at a property that is attractive on three different aspects. The ways you can make it more desirable to a possible...

Multi-family properties can be a lucrative option on many levels. Dоwnswіngs іn thе есоnоmу have become all too commonplace. Markets have ebb and flow periods. Real estate investment combats a stagnate economy by offering versatility for the avid investor. Giving the chance to follow the need...

Showing concern for a tenant’s health might not be considered as a part of landlord management but there are a few reasons to why it should be done. For instance, if your tenant is unwell, there are high chances of absenteeism at work. Not turning...

Not all of us understand the significance of an effective communication between a landlord and a tenant business relationship. According to the statistics given, it is observed that about 35% of Americans dwell in units that are rental-based throughout the country. For every human, it is...

Developers have caught onto the fact that renters are demanding well-designed outdoor living spaces. The latest trend to hit multifamily projects is the desire for luxury finishes and bringing the outdoors, in. Discriminating Renters Want Lasting Finishes Faux stone veneers have taken over new builds. The rugged...